Fashion and textile brands, retailers, suppliers, and raw material providers face more and more sustainability challenges, like environmental and social problems, animal welfare problems, and the shift into the circular economy business model. I support companies, public organizations, and not-for-profit organizations in analyzing relevant sustainability issues, defining strategies for change, implementing improvements, and advising to communicating their sustainability activities clearly and truly.
I often experience in my projects that the different stakeholders in the value chain, willing to implement various solutions at the same time, benefit from more efficient outcomes, higher credibility, and in some cases even a reduction of costs.

Different organizations on a national and international level did give me their trust.

My expertises:
Responsible Wool value chain and existing certifications.
Cashmere, yak, and camel fibers. Nettle, organic cotton.
Leather production, standards, certifications. 
Circular economy.
Fair manufacturing.
Implementing responsible sourcing.

Yarn brands

As a creative person and attracted to the art craft community, I am the owner of a yarn brand managing different yarn lines.
Nomadnoos is a luxury yarn brand with a mission, proposing yak, camel, and sartuul fibers sourced directly from Mongolian nomadic herders and hand-spun in Nepal.
Swisscoolwool is proposing yarns made from national Swiss sheep breeds. Both yarn lines have a transparent supply chain embedding sustainability into their value chain.